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The Barkindji People

The Aboriginal people ‘Barkindji’ (or Paakantyi’) living along the Darling River referred to it as the ‘Baaka’ meaning ‘belonging to the river’.

The Baaka was the life source for the Barkindji people providing the spiritual connection and essential food, clothing and tools for life in this sometimes harsh environment.
The Thegoa Lagoon with its proximity to the Murray Darling junction was a natural ‘meeting place’ where Aboriginal people gathered for Corroborees. Nothing’s changed - it remains an idyllic ‘meeting place’.

A self-guided tour will expose the walker to its natural beauty and the prevalence of the archaeological sites - including middens, hearths, (fireplaces) and scar trees from which canoes, shields and tools have been crafted by the Barkindji people.

The keen observer will marvel at the Boundary Tree a remarkable example of the Aboriginal ability to graft branches together to create an eye or ring in the tree. Visible from a distance this was a clever way of marking a tribal boundary.