Wentworth Tourism

Hospital and Water Tower

The Wentworth District Hospital commenced operating at this site in 1887.

The hospital seemed in isolation but it is thought it was built in this area as protection from infectious diseases. The ‘hospital bell’ was located on the town side of the river and the hospital warden would row across the Darling to pick up patients when the bell was rung. Many changes and alterations have been made to the hospital over the years.
The Water Tower was made by Hudson Bros. Ltd of Clyde, Scotland in 1885 and was transported by ship to Australia. The town’s water supply commenced in 1888 and although not in use today, it is a wonderful example of this type of water storage unit. The ladder runs up the middle of the tank, which is an unusual feature. Similar tanks were placed beside the hospitals in Wilcannia and Bourke. The ornate structure is comprised of a tall pre-stressed tower with nine cylindrical iron columns bolted in 4 sections, supporting a water tank with galvanised iron polygonal roof and decorative wrought iron finial.