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25. Old Wentworth Gaol

Beverley Street Wentworth

Built in 1879-1881, the small single storey brick gaol with bluestone trim was designed by colonial architect, James Barnett. It was the first of the Australian designed gaols (Hay and Dubbo gaols followed this one). The bricks were made on site from local clay, by Joseph Fritz and the bluestone from Wales was transported from Malmsbury, Victoria. The new gaol replaced over-crowded lock-ups and was utilised until its closure in 1927. After its closure as a gaol, the building was utilised as extra classrooms for the Wentworth Central School until 1963 and today, due to its remarkable condition, is a major tourist attraction. Visitors now enter the building through the Warden’s residence. There is a site map available for self-guided tours plus a well stocked gift shop.