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23. Thegoa Lagoon

Cadell Street Wentworth

The Aboriginal people living along the Darling River were known as the ‘Barkindji’ (or the ‘Paakantyi’), meaning belonging to the river. Thegoa Lagoon with its proximity to the river junction was a natural ‘meeting place’ where Aboriginal people gathered for Corroborees. Take in the natural beauty and learn of the archaeological sites including middens, hearths (fire places), scar trees (canoes, shields and tools have been removed from the River Red Gum Trees) and the marvel at the Boundary Tree. These are remarkable living examples of the Aboriginals’ ability to graft branches together to create an eye or ring in the tree. Visible from across the river, they were a clever way of making a tribal boundary. There are bird hides in the area for keen birdwatchers and a great fishing spot on the banks of the Murray River. Pick up the self-guided tour notes available at the Wentworth Visitor Information Centre.