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36. Junction Island Reserve & Walk

Ski Reserve Road Wentworth

Junction Island is the shoal of land between the Darling and Murray Rivers. Captain Sturt sailed down the Murray on his expedition and arrived at the confluence of the Darling and Murray Rivers on the 23 January 1830. He was confronted by Aboriginals, armed with spears and weapons, at the Junction Sandbar. The four Aboriginals who had befriended Sturt’s party on their journey and followed them on foot along the river, intervened and negotiated on Sturt’s behalf and therefore the ‘intruders’ presence was accepted. Captain Sturt named the Murray River on that day, at the point where the two rivers converged. Since the construction of Lock 10, resulting in the increased height of the rivers, the clay bank described by Sturt has seldom been visible since the 1930’s. Walk the Island to the point of the confluence of the two rivers.  Flora, fauna, wildlife and birdlife abound within this island reserve.